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Shohin Kirigami – Small Craft / Paper Folding Art

Art Cards

no lasers or machines

100% Handcut & Assembled

Shohin Kirigami

Creator: Anthony Scanlon
All cuts are made by hand. No lasers or Cricut type machines are used in the making of each card.

3D Art Cards of your NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club


Degenerate Ape Academy

NFTs – Shohin Kirigami Style!

Take your favorite NFTs into the real world with 3D Art Cards. We all love to look at our NFTs in our wallets, chat with others in discord about them, and tweet about their attributes and rarity. But now you can show your love and passion for your favorite NFTs IRL. I will take the JPG of your actual NFTs and create a Shohin Kirigami 3D Art Card especially for you. Display them with pride on your desk at home or work. They make great conversation starters, especially for those unfamiliar with the NFT world that we are so deeply enthralled with.

Are you lucky enough to hold any of the NFT projects displayed here? I’m not, but I do love the projects I am in and have the cards to show it….see some of my actual holdings below 🙂 

Contact me to bring your NFTs into reality, Shohin Kirigami style!


Taiyo Robotics


Solana Monkey Business

Some of my acutal NFTs made into 3D Art Cards…



Lil Mutant Apes

Featured 3D Art Card Pieces

Cherry Blossoms


Samurai & Dragon

The Great Wave

Featured Project


Geisha Queen

Japan 54 Series

This card was created as part of an entire 54 card deck of HInode Playing Cards. Each 3D Art Card was created in a Japanese theme. Ranging from Geisha and Samurai to Pokemon and Marion Bros. See the full image below or click the link…

Jenny Fields

Featured Artist

Current Exhibition: Bloom
Jun 6th – Aug 19


About the Artist

Anthony Scanlon dabbles in many different disciplines of art besides paper cutting. These include photography, acrylic and oil painting, videography, and graphic design. His 3D Art Card style, formally known as Shohin Kirigami, was born of the great Covid 19 quarantine of 2020. While playing cards, Rumi 500, with his mother and daughter, Anthony wondered what using a playing card as a canvas would look like. Deciding on using layered paper, he fashioned a few scenes from Rick & Morty into 3D pieces of art.


Boston, Massachusetts

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