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Take a look around! This is where I offer up for sale many of my recent creations. Some are one-off, never to be duplicated. While others are always available, you’ll be able to tell in their respective descriptions. Custom works can also be requested ——>>> 

Have a question or a request? Just send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as possible.

3D Paper Art

I really enjoy creating art of this type. So much so that I came up with my very own genre. I call it Shohin Kirigami. Which loosely translates to  Small Goods Paper Cutting. (example below)


Game Series

This series explores different video game titles and brings them to life in Kirigami style. 

Famous Works of Art Series

In this series I take some of the most well known paintings and create Kirigami and Shohin Kirigami pieces of them. This one shown is American Gothic by artist Grant Wood, 1930.

Shohin Kirigami

This is a series I thought up while playing cards with my family. Small versions of my Kirigami, depicted on actual Bicycle Playing Cards.  


My Shop

Visit My Shop for all of my latest 3D Art Cards, Playing Card Decks and whatever else I can come up with… 


 You asked for it!

…LITERALLY! I have had many requests for customized creations:

“Can you put my dad’s name and retirement date somewhere on this piece?”

“Our club wants to recognize a member. Can you create a custom shadow box frame that says ______ ______ ______ ______, and shows images I send you?”

“I have an idea but don’t have the images, can you source them and create my vision?”

 The short answer is, YES! The long answer is, of course it really depends on what you want to say and depict, whether I can source the supplies needed and the size. And a myriad of other factors. So let’s talk about your needs and desires and see if we can turn them into reality 🙂 

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