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Can I buy your Kirigami or Shohin Kirigami online?

At this time the only way to purchase my creations is through email ( or using the Contact page’s form. Just let me know what item(items) you are interested in and I will create an invoice. Payment through multiple services such as: Venmo, Cash-App, Paypal, Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and friends) coming soon. 

what payment options do you accept?

At this time I can accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and Mastercard & Visa through Paypal. Cash is only accepted for sales at arts & crafts shows. Cryptocurrency coming soon. 

Did you invent this art form?

I did not invent the main form, Kirigami, which my art is based on. However, this is my style of Kirigami that involves layering cut-paper images to create a 3D effect. And I did come up with Shohin Kirigami while playing cards with my family. I chose the name after some research, They are smaller versions of my Kirigami style using playing cards as the background. Shohin translates to “Small Goods” and Kirigami is “Cut Paper“.

Your email address is but this site is, what gives?

Once upon a time I was a web developer and am company was TonyBoston Design. If you notice below, this site was design by TonyBoston Design. So to keep it simple for me over the years, I have always used one email address. I have since retired from the web dev game and embraced my art even more. My main art site is (Art by Anthony Scanlon), I also have and



“I shut my eyes in order to see.”

– Paul Gauguin