My passion for photography grew from a need. A need I had long ago in my eBay days, to be able to capture images of the items we were selling. Not just a rendition of the item, but a stylistic portrayal of why someone would “have to have it.”  I started exploring with lighting, which really made the items pop! 20+ years later, I grew my capabilities and now create training videos, inspirational videos and capture charity events for Gillette. I also have had my photographs shown in galleries around the world, thanks to the Guru Shots app. It has pushed my creativity to new heights and i am grateful for it. 

A few of my personal favorites:

Artist Corey Tevan (Photo)

Located in beautiful Rockport Massachusetts, Corey’s studio is as alive and magical as he is. Furturistic and thought provoking, his art entices the mind as well as the soul. And I am proud to call him my friend!

Motif #1 (Photo)

One of the most painted and photographed subjects in the U.S., if not the world. This beautifully rustic fishing shack is located in Rockport Massachusetts, just a few blocks from the Corey Tevan Gallery.

Future City Reborn (Painting)

Oil on canvas painting depicting a post-apocalyptic city coming back to life after years of turmoil and decay. Inspired by the works of Corey Tevan, I let go and allowed the brush and paint to explore each building and alley. 

City Engulfed (Painting)

Oil on canvas painting on a small thick frame. Again, a post-apocalyptic future city that is in the midst of a rebirth. The light is engulfing the essence of the city and her inhabitants. 

The Great Wave (KIRIGAMI)

A style that I recently fell in love with. It’s a Japanese paper cutting art form that layers 2D images to create a more dynamic work of art. 

Shohin Kirigami (KIRIGAMI)

I thought up this style of Kirigami while playing cards with my family. I later came up with the name Shohin Kirigami which loosely translates to Small Goods Paper Cutting. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 


Medford, MA