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“Hack of All Trades, Master of Some. Autodidact by Choice, Regrets I have None!”

“Future City Reborn”

Oil on Canvas 12″x36″


This is a Japanese paper cutting style that I have been enjoying as of late. Cutting out images and layering them to turn a two dimensional image into a more energetic and alive 3D piece of art. 


This is a style that I created myself. I call it “Shohin Kirigami” which loosely translates to Small Goods Paper Cutting. I came up with the idea while playing cards with my family. They’re cute little collectibles. 


People occasionally ask me to create custom pieces for them using their photos or ideas. This one was for my sister, in memory of her recently departed dog Rosie. The box frame was large enought for her to place Rosies’ dog tags in there as well. It was a nice homage to a loved family member. 



“We all have a passion. Find It, Embrace It and Live It!”

PAST Photo Exhibits

  • Melbourne, Australia – Borders Challenge (April 9-11, 2020) at the Laurent Gallery
  • Melbourne, Australia – My Exhibition Shot (April 9-11, 2020) at the Laurent Gallery
  • Berlin, Germany – Powerful Lighting (April 17-19, 2020) at the BBA Gallery

Photo Exhibitions 


Amsterdamn, Netherlands

Gurushots & QLICK

Photo Exhibition

Exhibition:  QLICK Galleries
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dec 9th – 17th, 2017



Urban Scenery Challenge



Challenge Details:

This challenge was all about showing interesting Urban Scenery. Photos submitted could be in either color or B&W, candid or posed.
Winners had a chance to get featured in the QLICK photography gallery in the heart of Amsterdam, where talented artists show their fresh, innovative view of the world.

400 Members were selected – 40 were printed on Kodak Professional paper and 360 displayed digitally.

Photographer, Tony Scanlon, placed #62 out of the 400 selected. There were over 15 thousand entries. 


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Cape Town, South Africa

Gurushots & orms

Photo Exhibition

Exhibition:  ORMS Cape Town School of Photography
Cape Town, South Africa

Feb 8th – 10th, 2018




Art of Photography Challenge



Challenge Details:

Unlike other genres of photography, Artistic photography is all about conveying an idea with a premeditated thought evoking the viewer to a contemplate on the matter.
These usually involves an interference with reality, either before taking the photo by staging the scene or after the fact.

Winners had a chance to get featured at the ORMS School of Photography located at Cape Town, South Africa.

400 Members will be selected – 40 will be printed on Kodak Professional paper and 360 will be displayed digitally

Photographer, Tony Scanlon, placed #323 out of the 400 selected. There were over 19 thousand entries. 


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My Photography




Pressing Times

Tony’s Workshop – Medford, MA

Hammond Castle Stroll

Gloucester, MA

Basking at Mystic Lakes

Medford, MA

Artist Corey Tevan

Corey Tevan Gallery – Rockport, MA

Photo Contemplation

Charles River – Cambridge, MA

Chasing Fun

Robbins Farm Park – Arlington, MA

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