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“Hack of All Trades, Master of Some. Autodidact by Choice, Regrets I have None!”



“We all have a passion. Find It, Embrace It and Live It!”




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Pressing Times

Tony’s Workshop – Medford, MA

Hammond Castle Stroll

Gloucester, MA

Basking at Mystic Lakes

Medford, MA

Artist Corey Tevan

Corey Tevan Gallery – Rockport, MA

Photo Contemplation

Charles River – Cambridge, MA

Chasing Fun

Robbins Farm Park – Arlington, MA



American Heritage

Smith & Wesson 1911 .45

Pride of Austria

Glock 19 – Custom Build

Apples & Oranges

S&W 1911 – Glock 19

Custom Glock

Glock 19 – Threaded Barrel

Boston Bruins Theme

Custom Glock 19

You Never Forget Your First

Smith & Wesson 1911 .45

Photo Exhibitions 


Amsterdamn, Netherlands

Gurushots & QLICK

Photo Exhibition

Exhibition:  QLICK Galleries
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dec 9th – 17th, 2017



Urban Scenery Challenge



Challenge Details:

This challenge was all about showing interesting Urban Scenery. Photos submitted could be in either color or B&W, candid or posed.
Winners had a chance to get featured in the QLICK photography gallery in the heart of Amsterdam, where talented artists show their fresh, innovative view of the world.

400 Members were selected – 40 were printed on Kodak Professional paper and 360 displayed digitally.

Photographer, Tony Scanlon, placed #62 out of the 400 selected. There were over 15 thousand entries. 


View Winning Photo

Cape Town, South Africa

Gurushots & orms

Photo Exhibition

Exhibition:  ORMS Cape Town School of Photography
Cape Town, South Africa

Feb 8th – 10th, 2018




Art of Photography Challenge



Challenge Details:

Unlike other genres of photography, Artistic photography is all about conveying an idea with a premeditated thought evoking the viewer to a contemplate on the matter.
These usually involves an interference with reality, either before taking the photo by staging the scene or after the fact.

Winners had a chance to get featured at the ORMS School of Photography located at Cape Town, South Africa.

400 Members will be selected – 40 will be printed on Kodak Professional paper and 360 will be displayed digitally

Photographer, Tony Scanlon, placed #323 out of the 400 selected. There were over 19 thousand entries. 


View Winning Photo


Boston, MA USA